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About Us

Fuel’d Long Range was founded in Southern Utah by Bronson Bundy in 2018. My passion for shooting and hunting started at an early age when my dad would take me out scouting for mule deer on the Arizona strip, shooting 22’s and my Grandpa teaching me the basics of reloading. For the last 10 years I have helped run and operate a very successful outfitting business MDA Outfitters were we killed some of the biggest mule deer to ever rome the famed Arizona Strip . In 2018 I switched gears and started shooting in precision rifle matches and became hooked. Over the years I have had several guns built and in doing so I realized the need for a place where you could get all your shooting gear and parts for your next gun build. Whether it be for long range hunting or shooting in your next precision rifle match, Fuel’d Long Range has you covered. Let my passion for for all things rifle fuel your long range addiction.

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